The Task Of The Lightworkers
Sananda through Carolyn Holtgrewe
January 11, 2002

On behalf of your spiritual family and friends, I bring warm greetings from the celestial realms and send them forth to you now, dear ones.

In this divine timing, the potential for change is magnified upon the earth plane. Do not be offended when I say please resist your tendencies to finger-point, to curse, to judge and to condemn others. For as you do that, you become that. And as soon as you become that, the light you were holding diminishes. In your world there is a time and a place for everything. In a system of duality, everything is in relationship to something else and everything is a point of reference to or from something else.

You have each chosen your particular placement within the system, the place from where you will come to know and understand your relationship to all that comes into your experiencing, beginning with your birth into the physical reality. The first relationships are formed with the members of your immediate and extended family. Next are those persons who make up your neighborhood. As you grow towards adulthood, your relationships expand to include classmates, teachers, certain people and places within your community. Sometimes this encompasses an entire city and in other cases, only a section of a very large city.

As you move into your years of higher education and entrance into your vocation or profession, it often requires you to leave your native area, thus expanding your relationships into different geographical places. Travel to other countries is also a means for increasing your knowledge and understanding of other cultures. The who, what, when and where were all carefully selected by you beforehand so you could learn the lessons you set for yourself, designed to maximize your growth in the time allotted to you. At every level of your consciousness you have a relationship with everything in your environment, be they people, places, things, or life forms of earth’s other kingdoms.

No matter your age, ever are you experiencing; ever are you learning; ever are you evolving. The pace of your evolution is of your own choosing, however, as are the experiences and relationships you bring into your life. All your accumulated knowledge and experiencing is designed to move you forward on your own evolutionary path. And all is interpreted through your own perception and where you are in relationship to the oneness of the unified field.

If there were no night, how would you comprehend the day? If there were no up, how could you understand down? If there were no sadness, how would you define joy? And if, in your world, there was no what you call evil, how would you learn about what you define as good? In the oneness there are no such distinctions. Thus, in your world, you are given the divine gift of choice and the responsibility of discernment. It is part of your earth lessons, first learning to understand the world around you and then the process of creation within it.

Now, beloveds, we would like to increase your levels of understanding and tolerance for what is happening on the planet at this time. We would like to bring you a concept that is very complex and multidimensional in nature and present it in as simple of terms as possible.

Long ago, there was a tear in the fabric of time which humanity has slowly been mending over many tens of centuries. Now you are moving through the residue energies of the old Lemurian and Atlantean clashes and conflicts that were centered in the belief systems and life styles of those times. Thus, you are once again confronted with the issues brought up from your great technological advancements such as how to handle the powerful objects you have created. There are extremists at both ends of the spectrum acting as magnets, gathering those of like minds and hearts to their way of thinking. The real struggle is taking place in the vast middle ground between the extremes.

The western world needs to understand that while populations of many other countries in the world may love your wonderful technological creations that advance their creature comforts, that is all they want from you. That is to say, they want the fruits that fall from the trees of your labors but do not want anything to do with the trees from which they came. There are different belief systems in place that have their allegiance.

As the polarization continues to build, humans will be asked to choose. Through the choices of the collective consciousness, humanity will either repair the tear and move forward or create a further tear and slide backward. This tear was created at the fourth astral plane level and that is the energy the planet is moving through now. For many years you have been processing and integrating the first three astral planes into your consciousness and physical existence. This has been a result of the thinning of the veils that once kept the astral planes separate from the physical plane and has allowed the energies to mix. As a collective, you have done quite well with this.

More recently, mythical beings such as unicorns, dragons, fairies, gnomes and the like are being seen or felt by those who are opening the spiritual gifts of clairvoyance or clairsentience. Also, discarnate beings from the fourth astral plane are intermingling with your reality. The beings in this plane cannot move beyond their own point of evolution but they can move horizontally and into a lower vibrational level. For the next many years you will be processing and integrating the energies of the fourth astral plane as well. Encounters with the discarnates inhabiting this plane may be startling and uncomfortable and many beings from this level tend to be more interested in serving their own needs rather than yours. So the higher you can raise your vibrations, the less they will be able to bother you. If you can hold your vibrations beyond their range, they will leave you alone.

However, should you encounter unpleasant beings, stay in the love vibration and call upon Archangel Michael and he will dispatch one of his legions to escort you safely back to your body. We bring this to your attention because we see so many of you beginning to consciously explore these planes in an out of body state. As a part of the process of bringing the higher, more heavenly, vibrations into the physical, it is necessary to integrate these astral planes into your existence. We advise you to be wary and to use caution when entering the astral planes.

So in these unsettling times that you are experiencing, focus on answering the question, “What must I do in order to hold more light, to be the reflection of the universal light and love?”

If you have chosen to hold the light, then hold it. This requires you to move into a higher dimensional frequency and stay there. Place yourselves at the apex of a triangle, the overview position to that which is happening along the baseline of the triangle where the polarity game is being played out. Come not off your high centered point and judge others for their choices. Every time you pass judgment on another you have left the place of high being and have yourself engaged the battle at the baseline level although that was not your intention.

Holding the light means to release anger and judgment, to release expectations regarding outcomes, and above all, to release fear. Light cannot freely flow through clogged-up vessels. As a bearer of light your job is to hold the focus of light for those who will not, who don’t know how to or who have chosen other missions. You all made agreements of service before you incarnated. These agreements are between God and the individual and are sacrosanct. You do not know what these are for others, what role an individual has chosen to play in the ever-unfolding drama of human life upon the earth plane. So judge not. Even God does not judge His creations, so why should you? Trust that all is unfolding according to the parameters set forth in the Divine Plan.

Regarding those beings who are serving in the ranks of the military in many countries throughout your world, we see that there is much judgment and feelings against them that you carry in your hearts. Know this, dear ones. There are a large number of incarnated souls who have made spiritual agreements to carry out their missions in this manner, risking their own lives if necessary. That is one way to balance out accumulated karma. Often they are simply volunteers who came back specifically to engage in the war of light and dark at the actual physical level, choosing one side or the other, thus completing their entire cycle of incarnations with a type of experience they lacked. And there are a growing number of Indigos also who are simply choosing this way to serve. So we would ask that you not judge one another for choosing as you have. Remember also that you dwell in a world of illusion though you view it as reality. As a physical expression it is not the truth of who you are at the core of your being.

Have you even considered that the forces for the light or dark that are engaging in military encounters at the physical level are performing a valuable service for the planet? How? They are giving humanity the gift of time through such engagement; time for the rest of you to evaluate and reorder your priorities. And they are showing you the futility of war and the repercussions that it brings upon people everywhere. Why? So that each of you will begin to see everything with greater clarity and consciously choose love with your heart and your mind and your soul. We remind you that negativity cannot be overcome by denial or hatred of it. Loving yourself and loving your enemies is the only way to end the warring. By examining what love is not and eliminating those things from your life, you create space for more love to grow in the core of your being.

Remember also that you manifest into your reality what you focus upon, that to which you give your energy. Form follows thought. Everything is thought before it assumes form. Think upon this and you will understand.

In a way, you are all warriors. It is your experiencing and understanding of the term warrior that is different, depending upon your placement on the spiral of evolution. The skills and the testings of a warrior are many. Examine your own life and find the many ways in which you were asked to exhibit courage, for example, one of the traits of the warrior. The tests of courage can be given on many levels - physical, mental, emotional and spiritual - and come to you in many ways. One does not always have to engage in some kind of physical combat to be considered a warrior. For example, courage may be tested with those who wield the pen or those who wield the sword. As a warrior, on whatever plane you engage, there are opportunities requiring courage to overcome your personal nemesis. It takes the courage of the warrior to let go of what is familiar to you and to step out into the unknown when you are uncertain of what awaits you there but the call to freedom is very strong. And courageous are those who answer it.

We have often spoken to you of the shortness of time for humanity to complete the great purification. As you move ever deeper into the Photon Belt, the process of purification intensifies. It will not stop until the process is completed. It serves you best to keep clearing out the old to make way for the new that is coming. Act now. Every moment that passes is a moment that is gone and shall never return.

The task of the lightworkers is to hold light. And the hope of the world rests in the hands of the lightworkers. So be those rays of light and hope. Turn your glass houses into shining crystal palaces, beloveds. Strive to live your lives as a continuous prayer and meditation in body, mind and soul. Remember that in the true oneness no shadows fall. Stay out of judgment and do not allow fear and anger to overcome you. And see that no shadows fall from your being. Place yourselves in the vibration of unconditional love, peace and joy. Humans are beginning to wake up. Hold the light for them as they break out of their cocoons and adjust to a new way of being.

Keep the faith and hold high your lamps of light so that those in need may find their way to you. And some day you will bring those distant golden morrows into your reality for your delicious experiencing. They are waiting for you to claim them, to make them your own. You are your own salvation. Change your hearts and the world will change.

With eternal love and gratitude from within the Oneness that we share,
I am Sananda.

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© Carolyn J. Holtgrewe
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