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"...The caring ones try to pull us back out to sea and do not understand why we come right back into the shore again..."

Whale Song

The Humpback Whales
through Carolyn Holtgrewe

February 2, 2000
...thank you for trying to help...

I focus my consciousness into a small dot and allow myself to travel outward, out over the mountains and cities to the waters of the great Pacific. I hover over a humpback whale that has placed itself on the surface a little apart from the pod.

It greeted me and said:

       "We have been waiting for you. Come, journey with us a while. Let us show you our world, the part of Planet Earth that is our domain. Long have we monitored the affairs of the planet from our watery palaces. We hold the history of the earth within our consciousness. The records of Earth's evolution are written in our beings. Once the oceans of the world were clean and sparkling and our playgrounds were vast and we dwelt in great joy.

       "In times more recent our playgrounds have been diminished from the actions of mankind. Man has been given dominion over the earth but understands it not. He stands at the shore and gazes out to sea, unaware of all that lives beneath the surface. He does not understand that as he pollutes the waters, life is diminished for all that dwell on and in the earth. He does not understand that when he pollutes the waters, he is polluting himself. He thinks the oceans cleanse themselves. That used to be so, many years ago when man lived in harmony with his environment, but no longer.

       "He does not understand how the planet is changing yet feels it in every cell in his being. He does not understand what is happening that many of us suddenly appear on the shore following a path that leads us out of the water. He does not know how important the magnetic grids are to us and we follow wherever they lead us. And when they change direction, we change direction. The caring ones try to pull us back out to sea and do not understand why we come right back into the shore again.

       "Man does not know that for ages we have been here as guardians to the infant, man, overseeing his well being from our depths. We are sentient beings. We know what is happening and those who leave carry their reports back to our home world. Man does not know that for ages we have been taking his negativity which he looses upon the world within ourselves and processing it so that humanity can continue its evolution. Man does not understand that what he sets loose in the watery depths causes us and our brothers and sisters of the deep much pain. It shatters our environment and disrupts the earthly, solar and even cosmic forces within which we dwell. Man does not understand that he is also shattering his own environmental force fields as well.

...we have sung our songs to you and to the earth...
       "What would we say to man? We are weary and our bodies will soon reach the point where we can process no more negativity and pollution. Our purpose here is drawing to a close and we are beginning a slow exodus back to our home world. Mother Earth is birthing herself into a higher dimension and many life forms will be different. Many species will leave but new ones will take their places.

       "To man we will say that we have always loved you and watched over you. And yes, we have sung our songs to you and to the earth from the watery deep. Come, tune in and listen and we will sing our songs for you. Let us caress and soothe you with our stories in song of how it was in the times gone by and how it will be for you in the times to come, if the potential is realized. We have loved our earthly journey, a different focus of consciousness for us. It is a privilege for us to be guardians of Earth.

We will leave you now.

We love you. . .

            We love you . . .

                       We love you . . . "

We love you . . .

they sang as they swam away.

       My guidance in the Spiritual Hierarchy is suggesting that when the reading of this message has been completed, that each one turns within for a few minutes and focuses on building and sending out a wave of love and appreciation to all the whales in whichever ocean or sea they are dwelling. This will help to ease the heavy load they are carrying for humanity. I am assured that indeed they will receive the loving energy that is being sent and that it will be very uplifting for them.

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Carolyn J. Holtgrewe
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