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Mission Statement
Winter Solstice 2000

The Galactic Foundation is under the guidance of Sanat Kumara, the Great White Brotherhood, the Ashtar Command, the Spiritual Hierarchy of Light and many other inter-dimensional, intergalactic and universal Guiding Lights.

The Academy of Light and Carolyn are facilitators and servants of the Light. The mission is to gather the lost genes of God who are incarnate now, to educate them through the programs, to activate and initiate them so they can claim and merge with their essence selves.

These beings are originally from the Atlanta Dimension with the potential of becoming the Noble Genes of the Thirteenth Root Race civilization in the New World of Beta-Nova. At this level there will be no intercession. Each must earn the qualifications to enter.

Serving humanity through the Orders of Maitreya,
Melchizedek and Quan Yin, the Ashtar Command and
the Council of 36
The Atlanta Dimension

The Atlanta Dimension is a very ancient and advanced level of consciousness. It is within the Golden Galaxy Empire beyond Omega, the exit gate from this system, and is a dimensional civilization formed by the ancestors of the Atlanteans.

Atlantis is a branch which left this dimension and formed the first underwater civilization in our world. Beta-Nova is where the civilization of the Golden Dimension will be established anew.

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Carolyn J. Holtgrewe
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