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Watchers In Our World

The Giraffes
through Carolyn Holtgrewe

February 27, 2000

       Many greetings to you. I am Suila (Soo' ee la) expressing here upon the Earth plane as a member of the species you call Giraffe. We are sentient beings who are here from another planet in a distant star system.  Like you, we serve and honor the same Creator Force that is omniscient within this Milky Way Galaxy and that emanates from the Great Central Sun.

       We are closer in proximity to the central core of the galaxy while Earth is at the distant edge of it. And so I bring you the felicitations in love and light from my home world.

       We are one of many groups of visitors upon your planet who have taken embodiment in forms different from the humanoid one for our expression. Although humans regard us as rather odd in our appearance, it suits us quite well. It is similar to other animal forms resident here in that we have a torso, four legs, a tail, head, neck and so on. In the basics we are quite alike. Our main difference is quite notable and that is our elongated neck.

       You think it strange but for us it is most appropriate. In our home world we assume forms that are very tall and wished to accommodate our height in our earth living experience. However, we realized that presenting ourselves in an oversized form would be frightening to the humanoid populations and also potentially threatening to our physical forms, thus we have made adaptations which have allowed us to retain our height but not our bulk. We have evolved our forms over a long period of time into something that works quite well for us and for our purpose here.

       We are kind and gentle beings and are non-threatening to the other species that share the African plains.  Humans have noted that we do not announce our presence among you with great roars or bellows or the gnashing of teeth. We have no need of that for we are here as watchers, silent observers moving over the terrain gathering up experiencing and information as we travel.

...of star stuff, like you...

       We are like mobile transmitting and receiving stations. The horns upon our heads are our antennae through which we receive energy and data from beyond the Earth, bringing it into our heads and allowing it to flow down into our torsos and feet and on out into the earth. From our surroundings and the earth itself we receive information which rises up to the transmitters in our heads and is then sent on to our home world.

       The protruding knob on our foreheads is our equivalent of the human's third eye. Our eyes and ears are designed to see and hear over great distances and also bring in information. Of course we communicate with each other and our home world telepathically thus we do not need to use a voice here.  We could draw the analogy to a communications tower but in a much more delightful form, we think.

       Of course we prefer to roam freely over the great plains of Africa which we love, however, humans have sought our capture to put us on display in their zoos. For any species that knows freedom, in many cases this has been almost unbearable. In earlier times many of us died in captivity from both cruel treatment by our captors and the confinement of our beings.

              It was very painful for us to be separated from our herd but slowly over long years our keepers have grown more tolerant and knowledgeable about our needs. Many improvements have been made and our surroundings are now more suitable and pleasant for us. We have adapted and grown in our capacity to use the confinement to serve us as observation outposts, providing us more opportunities to study mankind in different environments. As always, we send our reports back to our home world and so our service to the greater good of all continues.

       The steadily rising level of consciousness on this planet has been most gratifying to us and the elders in our home world are very excited about the beneficial outcomes of our mission here.  We serve in love and peace and are ever aware of the goings on upon Earth. We invite humans to engage in telepathic communication with us as we have much to share. It does not matter where you live. Just tune in to us and we will connect with you. Telepathic communication is one of the next evolutionary steps for mankind so why not practice with us?

       I have enjoyed this time of connection with you. It has been very special for me. On behalf of all of us both here and on our home world, I leave you with our offering of love and many blessings.

I am Suila

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