Welcome from the Council of 36

Welcome and warmest greetings, beloved bearers of the light. We are inter-dimensional, intergalactic and interstellar members of the Council of 36. We are assembled in this now-moment as representatives from many different Orders, dimensions, worlds and star systems and transmit our message to you. The composition of this Council varies from session to session and is based on the nature of the information that is to be transmitted.

We are the Keepers of the Flame. We hold the Light of God's Love within our hearts for a humanity that is as yet unable to do so for itself. Humanity is old but in Universal terms it is like a fledgling preparing to take its first flight from the nest. Sometimes the bird is ready to fly out on its own but other times it must be pushed out to test its ability to fly. Time is no longer available to hold back the adventure. Humanity is being pushed into growing, is being pushed into flying, is being pushed into taking up a larger role in the Universal scheme of things.

Many of us are those who have transcended the Earth plane. You have called us prophets, sages and saints. We are here as intermediaries and overseers of the implementation of the Divine Plan at our level of existence. We pass on instructions we receive to those who are carrying on the work of the unfolding of the Divine Plan at the physical level.

You masters of light who are incarnate now have an urgency about your missions that we did not have in our incarnations. You are here in the so-called end times, the ending of many cycles of time and evolutionary scales. To serve effectively in these times requires clarity, courage, power, truth, and purification of self. Whereas we were charged with raising the levels of consciousness as high as we could for the times in which we lived, we did not have the pressure on us to raise up the whole of humanity.

So largely to you falls the task of saving mankind, humanity as a species, from self-annihilation. We are charged with holding the Light for humanity while it moves through this time of sorting out and final choosing. The urgency comes in that the time frame for accomplishing our goals is growing ever shorter and you must accept that not everyone on the planet will have progressed far enough along on their evolutionary paths to be harvestable.

In these times, your intent alone is not enough. Your intentions must be followed by action in the physical world. After all, you live in a physical plane and you are expected to move and manifest in that world. It is imperative that you be fully present in your body and in each Now-Moment. That is where the power to act is.

Hone your understanding of the roles of chaos and order in creation and evolution.

Remember to breathe in Life with each breath you take.

Breathe out Love to all with every outbreath.

And as you carry out your part of the Divine Plan, remember to give the glory to God rather than to your earthly selves.

We offer you our bountiful love and blessings. Within the oneness of All, we are representatives of the Council of 36, Keepers of the Flame.

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