from Sananda

Dear ones, we see so many of you still struggling with the issue of abundance and we wish to assist you in this area. You have some very deeply rooted beliefs and attitudes about abundance carried over from other times and places and experiencing. You have taken yourselves and your physical bodies into the energies of a new millennium that is full of abundance just waiting for you to claim it! Your God is not a God of fear and poverty and lack, beloveds, but of love and joy and abundance which is your divine inheritance. So let us examine what is holding you back from taking it as your own.

Many many many of our dedicated lightworkers have had several life expressions wherein you answered the spiritual call of the times serving as priests, priestesses, nuns, monks and the like within varying ages, geographic locations and societal structures. There are also those who have had life expressions as shamans, mid-wives, medicine men and women who lived more simply and had close ties to the land and, therefore, had little difficulty accepting the abundance offered up by Mother Earth and her inhabitants. Priests and priestesses of the temple times were honored and supported in their work and lived well enough in their communities.

As we view it, your greatest difficulties regarding abundance stem from the thousand-year period just passed. In your desires to serve God, it became necessary for you to withdraw from society and live a more cloistered life. You relinquished the pleasures of the worldly life in order to fulfill your vows. You signed documents so stating when you entered the convents and monasteries. Who required this of you? God? You thought so and that is what you were told and thus what you believed. The agreement you really entered into was with the religious orders of the times and those, dear ones, were directly connected to the churches, particularly the Catholic Church. And who were the ones in charge but human representatives of a God they didn't really understand for they, too, had been trained and educated in the same mode as you. They simply followed the orders and procedures handed down to them from those higher up in their organizations.

Now what was it exactly that you gave up in the secular world? Let us simply list them as they come to mind. Your families. Your friends. Community interaction. Your personal worldly possessions. Any potential inheritance of title, land or monies that would have come to you. Your opportunity to marry and become a parent and raise a family of your own. Creature comforts, such as they were in those times. And more. In short, almost everything that you would associate now with the "good life."

Most of you served both God and the Church faithfully and with great love and devotion in your hearts. You formed your own brotherhoods and sisterhoods among your fellow servers. These were lives of service in cloistered environments, narrow in scope and full of denial of the self and its desires. Sometimes you were surrounded by love and other times you suffered through the cruelties dealt out by of those in charge. Very often those in charge did not have your best interests at heart but rather their own. To commit your lives to the service of God and Church in those times was very rigorous and demanding. And remember that we are speaking of the last thousand years not just the last fifty or a hundred. Your historians refer to much of this time as the Dark Ages.

What did you gain from your experiencing? A strong sense of the sacred, unquestioning obedience, a devotion to duty and a great deal of discipline are the most obvious. An ability to survive in spartan conditions. An ability to deny the needs and desires of the self. A sense of unworthiness to eat at the table of the Lord, often wondering if you even deserved the crumbs that fell from that table. What has really been deeply ingrained in you and is perhaps your biggest sitcking point is your deeply held belief that in order to truly serve God and be spiritual, you must be monetarily poor. That is nonsense, beloveds! This only serves to foster your belief in lack for all around you are people living in abundance which you feel you can't or shouldn't have.

In times past, you were not expected to be concerned with making your way in the material world for you lived secluded lives supported by others. Now, however, you are being asked to live among the people and demonstrate your spirituality and healing and teaching skills, to take back the power you gave away and to be self-supporting, to reverse the old teachings of lack and limitation and unworthiness. Within you are the experience and knowledge to do this. It is for you to bring it forward and manifest it into your lives.

The vows of self denial and poverty that you took under those circumstances were vows and agreements you made with the human representatives of the Church and fulfilled the requirements, attitudes and expectations of church, the state and society in general during those times. It was a society steeped in ignorance and superstition and even those small numbers who were educated were limited in their beliefs and narrow in their vision.

The more life experiencing you have had as priests or nuns during this thousand year time span, the more resolutely you seem to resist your abundance now. Those old vows of poverty and denial are with you still, buried deeply in your hearts. Even when you think you have released them, they bubble up again into your awareness or your life situations. Be persistent in working through the accumulated layers of these vows and release them.

Beloveds, you have paid your dues with the life expressions you had! Now it is collection time so step forward and boldly claim your divine inheritance, the abundance that has been waiting and waiting for your acceptance. The vows of poverty belong to the past. Leave them there. The Dark Ages are behind you now. This year resolve to claim your divine inheritance and take the Vow of Abundance! You are a child of God. You serve a God of joy, love and abundance that wishes you accept what is rightfully yours. Stride forth into the new millennium boldly, dear ones.

With my blessings, my abiding love and my faith in you, I am Sananda.

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Carolyn J. Holtgrewe
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