The Council of 36 through Carolyn Holtgrewe
September 18, 2001

Beloveds, your sorrow, your grief and your pain is our sorrow and grief and pain and we feel it deeply. In the oneness that we are, how could it be otherwise?

The Divine Plan is not solely linear, beloveds. It is a very complex multidimensional Plan of universal and cosmic proportions that extends out into frequencies beyond the scope of your time, space and matter. The vibrations from all the events that happen in your world ripple out into frequencies, dimensions and worlds of which you as yet have no knowledge.

And of course we have been monitoring all that is transpiring upon the earth plane. We applaud all of you who are making great strides in your capacity to extend your love and your compassion to others. Your prayers and meditations have been most beneficial to those who have received them.

However, we have also noted that there has been much judging, scapegoating, villifying of governments, intelligence agencies and leadership that has been circulating about the Internet. We will state that this is not “Bush’s War” or “Osama bin Laden’s War” or any other one country’s or one group’s war. It is humanity’s war, waged by segments of the collective humanity for the hearts of humanity. What are the dark forces but the shadows within yourselves made manifest into your earth plane reality. The perpetrators in the physical reality are as elusive as the shadows held within your mental and emotional bodies.

Humanity is commencing the long walk down the hall of mirrors wherein all your creations are being reflected back to you for examination, healing and clearing. As you complete the internal work required from each mirror’s reflection, you will move on to the next. Each reflection needs to be cleared before you may pass to the next one.

And what are these reflections? Some are very beautiful with little examination needed. Others, however, are replete with shadows created from finger-pointing, judgment, anger, greed, fear, arrogance, rigidity, and so forth. The list can be quite long. In short, all your beliefs and feelings about yourself, humanity, the state of the world and your relationship to all of these and to our Creator. Your feelings are rooted in events of the past. Your beliefs are tied to your security issues of the future.

Now is not the time to rush to judgment, to act in haste, to lash out at each other. Be careful of what energetic matrixes you are feeding within the mass consciousness. The energy of your very thoughts will flow into the matrix of love and light or fear and darkness. Which one do you wish to nurture?

This is the time when the hearts of humanity will be cleansed and purified; or not,as the case may be. For those who resist the process, who refuse to examine their shadows and clear them, will create a different experiencing for themselves.

Opportunities abound for a new kind of community to be established in the world. Bring forth the strength that lies at the core of your being. Choose love. Reach out to one another. Share your abundance. Reinforce the good in each other.

Each person and ruling government of each country is being asked to choose to whom and to what they will lend their support and through their choices they will chart their destinies both in the “here” and in the “hereafter.”

Humanity is tested through adversity. In the higher dimensions from which you sprang, you will be forever known by what you stand up for or what you cave in to. How will you fare? What will you choose?

We will tell you right now that when each of you makes the great transition and stands in the presence of our Creator, you will be asked these questions: What did you do with the life I gave you? How much did you love? How much did you serve?

Beloveds, how will you answer?

Our love and blessings to you.

The Council of 36

(The Council of 36 is comprised of inter-dimensional, intergalactic and interstellar beings of light.)

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