Millennium Messages

~ Abundance ~ from Sananda

"...Beloveds, you have paid your dues with the life expressions you had! Now it is collection time so step forward and boldly claim your divine inheritance, the abundance that has been waiting and waiting for your acceptance..."
~ The Task of the Lightworkers~
from Sananda

"...Keep the faith and hold high your lamps of light so that those in need may find their way to you. And some day you will bring those distant golden morrows into your reality for your delicious experiencing..."

~ Moving Forward in Uncertain Times ~
from The Council of 36

"...We applaud all of you who are making great strides in your capacity to extend your love and your compassion to others. Your prayers and meditations have been most beneficial to those who have received them..."

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"Freedom attained through the opening of a sacred power kept within."

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