The Birds Speak

Have you ever considered how much the birds contribute to the enjoyment of our life here on Planet Earth?  From the beginning, birds of all kinds have brought special meaning to humanity's life on Earth through their songs, their messages and their symbolism.  And man has always been fascinated with them, marveling at the great freedom that flight brings and wondering how these creatures are able to defy the gravity that holds the rest of Earth’s inhabitants close to the ground.

After centuries of trying, we humans have finally succeeded in creating all kinds of vehicles that have enabled us to become airborne like the birds and we use our inventions both for transportation and recreation.  High-flying humans love to emulate their bird friends while diving like a hawk after jumping out of an airplane or perhaps at the end of a bungee cord, or soaring on the thermals while parasailing or hang gliding.  Perhaps you would like to tune in to one of our feathered friends and ask if it would take you for a ride so you can see the world through its eyes and feel the rush of wind beneath its wings as it soars upward toward the sun.

Several representatives of the bird kingdom are present and wish to bring their special messages to you.


Good evening,
I bring you warm greetings from all of your friends, the birds.  Some of us have volunteered to speak to you on behalf of all of us.  We bring a deeper perspective of what we really represent and hope you will find our messages and symbolism meaningful in your own lives.

I am Peacock and will begin by saying that there are many misconceptions surrounding me.  In modern times, humanity has come to associate me only with pride, arrogance and vanity. 

However, to the ancient Greeks and Egyptians, in the writings you call mythology, I was considered regal and sacred; and to the early Christians I represented immortality.  Of all the birds, I am the one who most resembles the ancient descriptions of the legendary phoenix.  Therefore, what I truly show you is not pride or arrogance but resurrection, your ability to rise to new life from the transformational fire of spirit.

Come, watch as I unfold and spread my magnificent blue-green feathers in your honor.  You may feel that a hundred spirit "eyes" are watching as you gaze upon my fan.  Indeed, things of your world are not hidden from them.  My message is to remind you of the magnificence you can manifest through your intent and will, as you go about your daily living in the Earth plane.  Also, for you not to be too hasty to judge the outward appearances that can mask the inner beauty which is not yet unfolded.

Greetings of joy, beautiful Spirits!
When you see me you may wonder if I am really a bird at all for I am the Hummingbird, the tiniest one of all.  I come to you as a gift from the Fourth Dimension, showing you my strength and tireless joy in being.  You may think me fragile but I am not.  Indeed, my wing structure is very efficient.  It allows me to fly forwards, sideways and even backwards!  I can also hover in mid-air.  Have you ever observed me spreading my joy?  I hum while I work and that allows me to continuously restore my health and my balance.
I know the healing secrets of the flowers and we share a close relationship.  They provide me with my nourishment and I provide them with a means of maintaining their species as I move from flower to flower.  My gift to you is that I can teach you to extract you own nectar, your joy, from the mysteries of cause and effect.

I play often and, as you might guess, enjoy the sweet things of life.  Although I am very tiny, I am very fast.  

Come, experience my joy!  
Fly with me to the next flower.
Blend with me and sip the sweet nectar of life!

White Dove

Hello.  I am Lady Dove.  I represent the feminine energies of peace, maternity and prophecy.  For eons of time, legends have sprung up around me.  In the earlier times, I was associated most with what you would call the maternal instinct and the goddess energy.  In more recent times, I have been very much connected with peace, as you know.
My song speaks to all who hear it.

Its mournful tones stir your emotions and brings you a sense of promise.  I feed off the ground, reflective of your contact with Mother Earth and the creative possibilities of the feminine energies.

My song speaks to all who hear it.

My voice has been called the rain song.  Not only do I show the Indians where to find water holes and springs but out of my calling, the mystics say I invoke new waters of life.  I remind you that no matter what your life conditions are, new waters and new life are still possible.  Believe.  Mourn what is passed, if you will, but not for too long.  Allow yourself to awaken to the promise of the future!


am I
Greetings, my brethren.
  Raven am I and I, too, have a tremendous amount of lore and mythology surrounding me.  I have been called an omen of birth and death, of mysticism and magic.  Many think me a shapeshifter and messenger from the spiritual realm.

I am larger than my cousin, the Crow, but we are each considered to be both tricksters and wise - shape shifting, if you will, between the roles of the fool and the wise one.  In me, it is said that the human and animal spirits intermingle and are as one.  In the inky blackness of my body, everything mingles until it is drawn out into the light.

I am not easily intimidated and can teach you how to stir the magic of life, without fear.  The creative force runs strong in me and I can share the wisdom of manifestation with you.  I bring you magic to link with your will and intention so you can manifest your desires from the darkness, bringing them from the realm of the unformed into the world of form.  In other words, I bring you the magic of creation.


Hello, my friends.  I am the Hawk.  In my representation to humanity, I am called messenger, protector and visionary.  Keen vision is one of my greatest gifts.  I see things others miss.  Rodents and rabbits think they can hide from me but I can easily spot them from up here in my "air space."
Your rising kundalini brings me to you indicating that you are now awakening to your soul purpose, your reason for being here.  Treetops and utility posts are my favorite resting spots, and I love to soar and glide on the air currents.  I can teach you how to fly high while keeping yourself connected to the ground.

As you rise to a higher level, your psychic energies are awakening and I can help you to keep those senses in balance.  My message for you is to be open to hope and new ideas, to extend the vision of your life.

Hello.  I, the Swan, am one of the most powerful and ancient of companions to mankind.  My name comes to you unchanged since the days of the Anglo-Saxons although I was here long before them.  My strength and my power encourage the awakening of your own true beauty and the power of Self.
Although the largest of all the waterfowl, I am very sensitive and I heighten your sensitivity to your own emotions, and to those of others, as well.  Long have I represented an awakening of the inner beauty latent in all and the ability to bring forth this beauty into the outer world.  As a primary symbol for humans, I would remind you also to look for this beauty in others, regardless of outer appearances.

My wings are so strong they could break your arm if I so chose.  However, I prefer to live quietly and devotedly with my mate, sometimes as long as 80 years.  I reflect to you the longevity and power that is possible when you awaken to the power and beauty within yourself.

Long have I held a special place in the hearts of children, poets, mystics and dreamers who are well connected to their inner selves.  To them I reveal the mysteries of song and poetry.  My symbols of beauty and grace have filled mythology and folklore since the times of the ancient Greeks.  The so-called "swan song" that is attributed to me does not herald death but the ability to let go, bringing you greater freedom, reminding you once again not to judge by appearances!  My beloved ones, arise from your sleep!  Awaken the true beauty and power within.  Become who you really are!


Greetings to you, my brothers and sisters of the Earth.  I am Eagle, one of the greatest and most admired birds of prey.  You are well aware of my symbolism of your country as a strong and powerful nation, but my greater meaning to you concerns illumination of spirit, healing and creation itself.

My ability to soar and hunt has amazed and thrilled countless societies over eons of time.  Although I feed myself from the land, I can still soar to great heights in the sky, teaching you a balance of being of the Earth but not in it.  Much mythology and mysticism surrounds me and many earlier societies have considered me sacred or worshipped me, such as the Sumerians, and to the Egyptians I was a symbol for the soul.  The early Christians thought of me as a symbol of resurrection.

The Native Americans have depicted me in many ways: as the Great Spirit who controlled lightening and rain, punishment and reward; as a bird of great mystical power, capable of spiraling upward until I passed through a hole in the sky to the home of the sun.  They associated me with both the physical and spiritual energies of the sun, and because I fly so high, I became a symbol of greater sight and perception, a messenger from Heaven itself.

You relate me to the skies and other high places but I am also associated with the waters as I am able to take my dinner from them as well as fly over them.  In me is reflected your ability to walk between worlds, to move in and out of ethereal realms at will and yet to stay connected to the things of the Earth in order to survive there.

I represent new vision, to the past as well as to the future; also, increased hearing to those who dare to ascend to my heights.  I challenge you to take on the responsibility and the power of becoming so much more than you now appear to be, to accelerate your spiritual growth and bring a powerful new dimension to your life.


Hello.  I am Sparrow, perhaps the most common and plentiful of all the birds on Earth.  It is my great and humble honor to close our messages for you.  As a species, we, your friends of the feather, wish to thank you for your sensitivity to our predicament in trying to maintain ourselves on Planet Earth.  We are trying to survive in forests, meadows, streams, lakes and mountains which man, in his great ignorance and carelessness, has greatly polluted, poisoning some even beyond reclamation in your time.

We truly appreciate the planetary healing work you are doing for us, and the other Kingdoms as well.  Remember, we are all inter-related.  Many of our feathered companions are leaving because they can no longer tolerate the conditions here.  They will not return.  Please, at every opportunity, remind others of their responsibility to care for the planet.  Ask them to contemplate what it would be like to see no birds flying -- the skies empty and still -- or to no longer hear our songs.  Would humanity not feel a kind of emptiness and incompleteness to its own life on Earth?

Yes, we call and sing to each other, but we also sing for you and present you with a more ethereal focal point when you watch us fly, reminding you of our abilities to cross the boundaries between heaven and Earth.  We bring your attention from your feet to the skies, encouraging you to contemplate the possibilities of higher vision.  We are aware when you hear us or notice us, and we appreciate it when you say "thank you" and support us with your love.  In those moments, we are very connected.

Mostly we bring you messages of
hope, joy and freedom. 

We exhibit them to you outwardly with our flight and our song but these are also available within, to each of you, if you will but seek them.  Dare to cut loose your earthly bonds and soar with us!  Remember us in your prayers that we may continue our beautiful evolution together!  Thank you for caring. . .

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