Heartiest of greetings we bring to you, Beloved one. We bring our message for 2012, the Year of Your Great Awakening. It will be full of momentous happenings both testing your faith and beckoning you to soar in the heavens. Flow with the changes and find your zone of comfort amid the chaos.

Do not let fear drive you into the mindset of excessive hoarding of food, money, and other possessions lest you risk attracting those who would take them from you. Focus instead on honing your skills of awareness and discernment. The layers of illusions embedded in the third dimension are falling away. Let go and grow in your new awareness.

Take responsibility for your life for you have created it. Own what you've created. What you like you can enhance. What you don't like you can change but you must take ownership of your creations to do that. You have dominion over what you create; it belongs to you whether you take responsibility for it or not.

Manifestation comes more quickly now; think well before you choose. You will bring into your experiencing what you have attracted by the focus of your thoughts. Your individual "Armageddon" takes place on the playing field of your thoughts and beliefs. The "winners" then manifest into the physical realm for your experiencing.

Every moment holds a new beginning that awaits your directive. Live your experiencing and then let it go; it's already in the past and does not serve you in your present. Leave it behind and move forward on your path.

Love yourself with no conditions. As a spiritual human being, you are an amazing and unique expression of our Beloved Creator. We salute you! Be who you are!

Within each one there is a deep pool of heavenly peace; go there often and fill yourself.

In this momentous year, let faith be your constant companion. Ask for our guidance and you will receive it. Surf's up! Ride the waves into your new reality! Our endless love and blessings are with your every breath and your every step as you arise and create your New World.

The Galactic Foundation Academy of Light ~ Carolyn J. Holtgrewe
The Ashtar Command, Sanat Kumara and the Council of Metatron
The Orders of Maitreya, Melchizedek and Kuan Yin

January 1, 2012
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